Below are course descriptions and links to course webpages for classes I have taught or am currently teaching.

PGE 310 - Formation and Solution of Geosystems Engineering Problems

Course Description: Introduction to mathematical equations typically encountered in petroleum and geosystems engineering; methods to solve equations graphically, analytically, and with numerical methods; applications of computers to problem solving.

PGE 323 - Reservoir Engineering III (Simulation)

Course Description: Mathematical equations governing fluid flow in reservoirs; numerical methods to solve the equations; numerical reservoir simulation; treatment of wells; history matching; a simulation project performed using a commercial simulator.

PGE 334 - Reservoir Geomechanics

Course Description: Basic stress and strain analysis; pore pressure and in situ stress estimation and measurement; deformation mechanisms in rock; rock fracture description and analysis; wellbore stresses and failure; wellbore stability analysis; fault stability analysis; depletion-induced reservoir deformation; and hydraulic fracturing. Emphasis on applications to petroleum engineering.

PGE 383 - Advanced Geomechanics

Course Description: Formulation, theory, and computer implementation of inelastic finite elements for pressure sensitive and nearly incompressible materials. The targeted physical settings will be the coupled behaviour of pore fluids and deformation of solid materials and the nonlinear elastic-inelastic behaviour of geomaterials. Additionally, regularization and extended techniques for special treatment of the localization and failure of geomaterials will be discussed.

Introduction to High-Performance Computing

Course Description: Introduction to UNIX (login, shell scripts, editors, file permissions), visualization (software tools, data formats), Parallel programming (numerical libraries, Message Passing Interface, Trilinos).