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Prevent TeXShop from stealing focus from an external editor

I use Vim as my editor of choice for nearly all text editing activities including writing LaTeX documents. My usual workflow is to use a split window setup with tmux and run latexmk -pvc on my LaTeX file in one split-pane while editing the source file in the other split-pane. If your not familiar with latexmk it is a Perl script that, in a smart way, using minimal number of compile runs, keeps your LaTeX document output up-to-date with the correct cross-references, citations, etc. The -pvc option keeps it running in the background and recompiles with a detected change in any of the project files. I then use TeXShop as a PDF viewer because it has the nice ability to detect changes to the PDF output and autoupdate. Mac OS X's built-in Preview will do this as well, but you must click the window to enable the refresh. However, by default, TeXShop will steal focus from the editor window. This is annoying causing me to click or Command-Tab back to the Terminal to continue typing. I found a fix in a comment on Stack Exchange. If you type

defaults write TeXShop BringPdfFrontOnAutomaticUpdate NO

in the Terminal window this will disable the focus-stealing behavior and leave the window in the background so that it doesn't disrupt continuous editing.


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